Jeremy K.
New family owned shop located right off of (OST) Old Spanish Trail. I was leaving "The Address" bar which is adjacent to The Smokers Closet, tucked in the corner unit next door to the gas station. Since it's new, you have to kinda look for it but glad I found it! Super convenient location, fair prices and the owner was super helpful in guiding me through his inventory. Hookah/supplies, etc: If you need hookah supplies for personal or business, this is a great place for it. Variety of flavors and we even got a few new ones that I hadn't seen in other shops, so I felt like I found a gem with exclusives that others hadn't caught onto yet lol. Vapes: I also bought 2 different vapes from there, which notably lasted much longer than the my typical choice from the gas station. Can't think of the name, but I'm sure the owner can point it out for you and I believe his name is Michael. CBD: They have extensive CBD collection so there's plenty to choose from, I think I even saw a coffee machine now that I think of it. It's not the only shop in the area but certainly convenient with late hours and I really appreciated the friendly service. Especially for an indecisive shopper like myself!